• Rent Collection

    Get your rent collected on time, every time

    We use the latest cloud-based systems to monitor the collection and receipt rent from tenants. Our system will alert us immediately if any tenant is in rent arrears. We have a zero tolerance policy to late rental payments and take immediate action. We request tenants set up electronic transfers wherever possible. We know the importance of cash flow to any investment portfolio and pay rent to owners twice a month and provide a statement.

  • Rental Property Inspections

    Get your property inspected by the best

    We conduct our first inspection after the first 6 weeks of a tenant moving in. This allows us to see how the tenant has settled in and how they are caring for your property. We then conduct routine inspections every 3 months. We always take photos of your property during the inspections and we will send these you with a report detailing any items requiring action by the tenant or owner. We will also inspect the property when the tenant vacates the property.

  • Proactive Property Maintenance & Repair

    Get your property maintained and repaired in a pro-active manner

    During routine inspections we always look out for maintenance items to ensure they are addressed as early as possible. We will always contact the owner for approval before carrying out repairs. Any urgent maintenance items will be actioned within 24 hours while non-urgent items are actioned the same day or next day wherever possible.

  • Rental Property Tenancy Disputes

    Get property disputes settled quickly and cleanly

    Sometimes in business transactions a dispute can arise. We will always attempt to resolve any issue between parties through negotiation. We have a professional team of managers who value their relationship with both owners and tenants. We always encourage clients to contact us immediately to discuss any matters of concern. In the unfortunate event that we are unable to resolve a dispute, the Magistrates Court of Western Australia deals with residential tenacy disputes and Rent Choice will represent the property owner.

  • Landlord Insurance

    Get your property protected by the best

    We can assist you in setting up an insurance policy to make sure your property is protected. We recommend that owners look at a specialist landlord policy providers as their excesses are usually lower should you need to make a claim and the policies are comprehensive. We generally refer clients to Terri Scheer or SGUA.